The two most widely used mobile OS all over the world are Android and iOS. The Apple’s OS is only able to run on a selected number of devices produced only by Apple itself, which may include Apple’s Mac, iPod, iPad or iPhone(s). And on the other side, the Google’s Android OS runs over 24,000 different kinds of hand-held devices. Android OS currently operates on about 1.5 billion devices all over the world. in various shapes like a smartphone, a navigation panel in your car, a washing machine, a phablet any such device. Google Play Store has exceeded over 2.4 Million applications by Sep-16 which include hundreds of thousands of games, productivity applications, Social Media applications, tools, and utilities. On the other hand, Apple’s App Store store has also got a figure exceeding 2.1 Million applications by Sep-16 applications in its store. As the industry is changing, So are the trends and there is a huge number of newly developed applications which are exclusively available for iOS and Android platform but are not available for Windows or Mac OS X. One may want to play an Android / iOS game or utilize an Android / iOS application on a Windows or a Mac OS X device but the most of the times the platform issues will make an application incompatible.

As the technology evolved the need to run Android/iOS applications on desktop PCs and laptops was increased, so to fulfill that need the Android emulators for PC were built. The reason why emulators were built only for Android but not for iOS is that Android is an open-source OS with very fewer restrictions, whereas, Apple does not allow any such emulator to be developed due to its strict limitations. But the good news is that If you want to emulate any Android / iOS application on a PC, then that’s possible because all the applications that are available on iOS are most-likely to be available on Android as well and you’re gonna find it easily in the Google Play Store.

With a large list of many android emulators, one of the best working and efficient emulators is BlueStacks. BlueStacks on PC is a free to use Android emulator that is available for your PC has Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and also Mac OS X iMacs and MacBooks. All Applications are compatible with BlueStacks. With BlueStacks on PC, the user-experience is easier and the user is able to set the custom controls for the particular games/applications.

I hope that you’ve had a clear idea of the basic purpose of Android emulators and why BlueStacks is one of the best. And now If you’re willing to install BlueStacks then we are all set to go through the installation procedure of BlueStacks on PC and later on we will also learn how to run Apps for PC via BlueStacks on PC. Furthermore, We will give instructions on how to install “Apps for PC” APK files in BlueStacks. Now, Let’s have a look at all the procedures one after another. Before all, we should keep a focus on what are the requirements to install BlueStacks on PC so that we don’t face unknown errors after the installation process has once been started.BlueStacks

BlueStacks on PC Minimum requirements:


Disk Space: 4 GB

Direct X 9.0 or higher for Windows: Click here to download

.Net Framework 3.5 or higher for Windows: Click here to download

Compatible OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X.

Download and Install Bluestacks on PC(Windows / Mac)

Install BlueStacks on PC – Windows / Mac (First Time Installation)

  1. To start downloading the BlueStacks please click here. It will open a new tab and your download will start automatically.
  2. After the downloading is done, run the setup file from downloads. Just go through the on-screen instructions by selecting all the recommended settings, and once done, you’re good to go.
  3. Now, wait for BlueStacks to download required apps and game data for your PC onto your PC.
  4. After the downloading is done, A home screen will appear that will be similar to the home screen of any other Android device.
  5. The Home Screen is divided further into the following rows :
    • The first row contains recently used applications and the ‘search’ button.
    • The second row gives us recommendations of some of the latest trending applications on Google Play Store.
    • The last row contains some featured applications of specific categories.
  6. Our interest, for now, is in the “All Apps” button in the very first row. Go click on it, then browse and select BlueStacks Settings application. Goto Settings > Manage Accounts > Google.
  7. Now you will set up your Google Play Store account.
  8. You can either use an existing account or create a new one. Once you’ve gone through all the steps, you will have access to the Google Play Store, and its wide array of applications.
  9. Finally, head over to the homepage, and click on Google Play Store icon to launch it. Then, enable App Sync, which will allow you to seamlessly download and enjoy apps and games.

That’s it for now. You’ve successfully installed BlueStacks app player on your Windows or Mac PC! All you have to do now is the search for your desired application in Play Store, download it as you do on your other Android device and start using it.

2 Replies to “BlueStacks (Android Emulator) For PC [Windows and Mac]”

  1. Hi:

    I am interested in installing BLUESTACKS on my Windows 10 Notebook to enable me to download and run programs for Android but, not being familiar on how this would work I am concerned that I will lose my Windows 10 apps/data/functionality if this basically converts my pc to Android! Please elaborate if I need to be concerned about this and how I would switch between OS’s…

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. It’s an Emulator. It’s an application on it’s own. You know, like how the gaming consoles’ emulators are. Just like that.

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